LETTER: Feeling warm inside after voluteering at warming center

This is the year that I finally found out what Christmas is all about.

I volunteered both Christmas Eve and Day at the new warming center in Sequim.

A warming center is a step on the way to a homeless shelter.

It opened about a week ago but is unfortunately closed now because they do not have funding to be open unless the temperature is below freezing.

The new program started to attract those that needed to warm up and be supplied with donated sleeping bags, warm clothes and hot chocolate and food.

They cannot sleep in this center.

Some people were down when they came in but we lifted them up.

Now I know that they lifted me up.

We need to get a leg up to help these people in our community because it is only going to get worse.

Please ask your city, county and churches to help fund a homeless shelter in Sequim.

JoAnne Mann,


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