LETTER: End the war on homelessness

Harassing the homeless is not going to fix the problem of homelessness.

Dumping the expense of patrolling the homeless on the taxpayers will never fix the homeless problem.

If you care about a safer, cleaner planet, then you should use your position of power in this community and demand that the city take action to save its taxpayers money to provide shelter and training to these homeless people.

I am ashamed that I have heard that police patrols constantly come, harass and chase the homeless away.

How is it going to help the problem giving these unfortunate people a bigger criminal record?

A “war on the homeless” is only helping a broken system that has failed us all.

The “war on drugs” has only made the problem worse.

Now drugs are everywhere in this country.

Where will this “war on the homeless” get us?

Deeper in debt, for sure.

Either way, taxpayers will be paying for it.

I urge business owners, city officials, and the police, to find new ways to help these unfortunate people right in your own community.

You all have the power in this community to get the officials and politicians involved in this problem and get them to lead by example, and show the rest of this country that problems like homelessness can be solved by caring citizens.

Curtis Bradley

Port Angeles

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