LETTER: Egg-hunt parents no models for children

I recently had the privilege to volunteer and partake in the Kitchens Family Easter Egg Hunt.

Throughout the year, I watched how many hours and hours it took for this family to be able to put on this event that lasted 45 minutes from start to finish just to put a smile on the faces of the children of our community.

For the most part, it seemed that most parents seemed genuinely grateful and happy for whatever prize their child received.

Working behind the scenes was a surprising disappointment when it came to the parents who demanded that they wanted that, that and that prize, or the parents that “didn’t want to be rude, but could they exchange their child’s prize for a different one,” and the parents that showed up to claim a prize with no child anywhere in sight.

And let’s not forget about the parents that “help” their child pick up the eggs for them.

Whatever happened to “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit?”

I would like to believe that there is goodness in all people, but in this world of the “me first” mentality, it really puts a damper on such a wonderful event put on for the children.

Maybe if more people were made aware of the time, money and unpaid hours and days it takes to actually put on such an event, they might think twice before they show up with their rude behaviors that their children are watching and learning from.

Kudos to the Kitchens Family for putting the children first.

Lezlee Keys,

Port Angeles