LETTER: Department of Transportation needs to address bridge traffic

On Aug. 19, I was sitting on the Hood Canal Bridge because it had opened.

Traffic on state Highway 104 was thick, to say the least.

Why did it open?

A small sailboat motored slowly through.

When I finally got to the east side and headed south, the traffic was backed up to the Big Valley Road light and was building up by the second.

When is the state Department of Transportation going to think a little and create recreational boating bridge open hours?

Let the boaters queue up for a few hours each day and then let them through.

They apparently have all the time in the world.

Should one taxpayer hinder the movement of a thousand or more?

As we all know, the back-up situation is increased by the traffic light on the east end of the bridge.

The same type of situation occured on state Highway 2 viaduct over the Everett slough in the 1980s.

DOT had a traffic light on the east end of that.

It backed up traffic into downtown Everett.

They finally built an over-and-under pass to fix that situation.

I’m sure they (DOT) know that same is needed here, but are dragging their feet.

As property values continue to increase, the cost of fixing this is going to cost the taxpayers more each year (month maybe).

Get on it, DOT.

Larry Stevens,


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