LETTER: Democrats should have supported tax bill

I need some help here.

Seems to me that the Democrats would be behind this tax bill since they believe it will destroy the American economy.

If that happens, they can sweep into power in the November election.

But maybe, just maybe, they are a little worried that it will work (like another in the 1980s).

If that happens, you won’t be able to get a Democrat elected to dog catcher.

They worry about adding to the debt (even though Obama doubled it), but now it’s a bad thing.

It’s only speculation that lowering taxes will add to the debt.

It also might really stimulate the economy and unemployment will go down, businesses will grow, the stock market will soar and earnings will rise.

Isn’t that called capitalism? But wait, isn’t that already happening?

Well maybe they can hope for the Russian investigation to come up with something to be able to arrest someone (hopefully not Hillary).

So I guess let’s wait and see what happens.

Gary Poor,


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