LETTER: Democratic socialism beneficial ‘sweet spot’

Socialism sweet spot

Columnist Cal Thomas is wrong about socialism.

Again, it’s not a black and white issue — it’s multi-spectral.

For instance, Venezuela is not a good example of socialism.

Venezuela is a good example of banana republicanism.

For a good example of socialism, go to Norway or most all of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

And the USA: Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, socialized streets/highways, K-12 education, water, power, police, fire fighters, military, etc. — all ‘socialized’ institutions and they work quite well, thank you.

Let me clarify the issue: the “socialism” spectrum ranges from the top-down communistic totalitarian socialism (USSR, China) to the top-down capitalistic totalitarian socialism (1930s-era fascist Germany).

Right in the middle of this spectrum, where capitalism and communism meet is the “sweet spot,” — the constitutional democratic socialism of ‘We The People’ — where our government works together with our capital markets/corporations/businesses to create an equitable synergy.

Let’s put a simple tag line to this word “socialism.”

It’s “people working together toward a common goal of mutual benefit.”

So, when you hear Bernie talk of democratic socialism, think “sweet spot.”

Jeff Shamp,

Port Angeles

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