LETTER: ‘Dear Abby’ has grown too racy for comics page

It seems that the “Dear Abby” column published in the Peninsula Daily News each day has gotten a bit racy.

I don’t actually read the “Dear Abby” column.

However, I can’t help but read the headlines that jump out at me including these recent titles: “Marriage Recovers From Affair, But Wife Can’t Forgive Self” (Sept. 29); “Cyberbullying Victim Admits To Cutting Self” (Oct. 2); “Wife Opposes Husband’s Plan To Donate Sperm” (Oct. 4); “Afternoon Delight Ends When Wife Stops For A Call” (Oct. 17).

While some folks may be interested in reading about these sorts of topics, my problem is that my young children (ages 5 and 7) love to read the comics section, which appears right next to “Dear Abby.”

As a parent, I don’t think these are appropriate topics for young children to stumble upon.

Thus, I am hoping that the PDN will consider moving the comics section.

Sharing a page with the weather report instead would be one possibility.

The weather report is also something my children enjoy each day and would be a more appropriate pairing for the comics.

Jennie Wendel,

Port Angeles

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