LETTER: Congress needs to censure the president

Need censure

Congress must censure President Donald Trump.

Having limited knowledge of national and international current or historical events, his self-promotion, deceptive tweets and secret meetings divide American citizens and cause the dissemination of disinformation and outright lies, putting our country and the world in danger of Russian aggression.

Republicans fear the “base” of Trump’s supporters, groomed by Russian intelligence to accept a fascistic or theocratic new autocratic government order.

Much like a pedophile grooms a child to be molested, Putin seduces parts of our citizenry with his goal of destroying our constitutional, democratic way of life and our relationships with our allies.

One example: Putin proclaims anti-LGBT sentiments.

He appeals to ultra-conservative religions, striving to limit rights of our citizens.

But this is a political strategy, not a factual belief system.

We know that Russian intelligence targeted white progressives, young women, conservatives and African Americans with cyber trolling and bots during the 2016 presidential election to elect Trump, according to media reports.

Congress must muzzle the irrational and harmful messages of this incompetent man, Trump, an illegitimate president.

Gayle Brauner,

Port Angeles

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