LETTER: Clallam PUD should encourage sun power

When one is concerned with protecting one’s own power, it often becomes difficult to create enlightened policies for the greater good.

And if one is in charge of a public domain, such as a public utility district, it may be difficult to curb that ambition.

We have three districts and three commissioners elected to that office. In the case of Clallam County, they are elected for six years (www.clallampud.net).

That is a long time to hold a public office. It is enough time to become complacent, to not rock the boat, to not stay abreast of the times, to forget the greater good.

Most of us in Clallam County complain about our high electric bills but we feel helpless to stop the continuous rate hikes.

Many people in Clallam County have gone solar in an effort to lower their costs and to do their part in curbing carbon emissions.

Going solar is an expensive undertaking.

To encourage people to make this investment, federal tax credits, state incentives and PUD net metering help with some of the costs and as an inducement for people to add solar panels to their rooftops.

Much of our electric power in Washington comes from dams on rivers with powerful turbines.

During times of serious drought, there may not be enough water to both run those turbines, save the salmon and irrigate our farms.

Recently our PUD commissioners decided, without public discussion, to cut back on solar incentives (“Clallam PUD to raise rates,” PDN, Feb. 4).

This is wrong.

The commissioners must encourage the public to invest in sun power.

It is the future.

It is for the greater good.

Patricia MacRobbie,


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