LETTER: Can’t be moral and support family separations

Separation morality

I’ve been told that Clallam County went for Trump in the 2016 national election, and I have been told that the evangelical Christian right is a major part of Trump’s voter base.

In her book, “Grit,” Angela Duckworth suggests the most important personal character trait is morality.

I think that honesty, integrity, tolerance, virtue, ethics, lack of cruelty, lack of prejudice, et. al., are all parts of personal morality.

So, I wonder what your readers think of our federal government currently separating children (some less than 2 years of age) from their parents seeking asylum, put the children in cages like some animals in zoos, and the distraught children are not allowed to be touched or consoled, when they arrive at our southern border with their parents requesting asylum from various persecutions.

If self-avowed Christians claim to be moral, then my logic is true Christians cannot condone our government’s treatment of these people.

The mental effects many of these children sustain may be life-lasting.

In some cases, the parents have already been deported while the children have been retained in cages, according to media reports.

These actions do not reflect the words on the Statue of Liberty, which welcome the persecuted to our nation.

And this is not the democracy I have known, after thousands of Japanese-Americans were incarcerated during WWII, for which our government subsequently apologized.

So where is our government’s morality and that of the voters who support these actions?

Richard Hahn,


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