LETTER: Bridge railings won’t fix Port Angeles problems

Let’s talk about one of the present problems in little old Port Angeles central recently — suicides, rapes, robberies, auto accidents, heroin, opiates, old age, death (90 to 100 and over only, please), residential and business break-ins, murder, mayhems, and now (again) the repeat of anguish about the height of the “preventive rails” on the Eighth Street bridges.

Why are all of these events happening in our (used to be) quiet little industrious community?

Personally having walked across the Valley Road and Eighth Street bridge location to school for nine years (1936-1945) with only chest-high railings at that time — not one memory of a “jumper” comes to mind.

What has created the need for repeatedly expressing the need for increasing the height of the Eighth Street bridge railings?

You reckon that it could be because some misguided folks (by home life or society in general — in their opinion) have failed in providing a valid reason for pursing a positive life of contributing to their own livelihood and their community?

Or you reckon that their parents, friends, schools, etc. have not instilled in them to be a positive, clean, sober, giving of themselves to society, their home, life, community, and others — in the very best way that they can provide, as their share — while they are still around to do that?

Tell me how or why the additional cost of added railing is going to fix the now generation’s problems — regardless of some non-perfect days during their lifetime.

Also, Clallam County has the highest opioid-related death rate in the state (2006-16, rate per 100,000), according to the state Department of Health.


Paul Lamoureux,

Port Angeles

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