LETTER: All impacted by the success or failure of port

All impacted by port

I am writing in response to a PDN article, “PT port delivers tenant rebuke,” on Aug. 13.

Looking at the Marine Trades Association, the Northwest Maritime Center and the Port of Port Townsend, I found that we are all impacted by their success and failure.

From the Martin Associates Economic Study of Maritime Trades in June, the impact of the marine trades is huge, providing 2,243 jobs and $336.7 million to the region.

People employed in marine trades take home a total of $134.4 million in total personal income with an average salary of $47,583 for direct employees.

These people pay a total of $12.6 million in state and local taxes — $5.8 milllion of which comes back to local entities. confirmed

The Northwest Maritime Center has educational programs for all ages. It provides multiple programs that contribute dollars to our community.

The Port of Port Townsend, however, has cash shortfalls and no money for capital improvements.

If you walk through the boat yard, it’s half empty.

Talk to tenants about rents offered and I think you’ll find they pay 10 times the going rate for bare ground, double the rate for buildings that other ports offer.

Statements made by port staff are misrepresentations about other regional lease agreements.

Three entities — two well-run and managed — the third in economic disarray but whose actions threaten the livelihood of the marine trades and the economic wellbeing of every citizen in the county.

Everyone needs to pay attention as we are all impacted by the success or failure of the port. 

Don Smith,

Port Townsend

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