Pat Neal

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE: Spinning endangered species roulette

ALL I HAVE ever tried to do as a wilderness gossip columnist was to remove the dirty linen from the seamy underbelly of our local… Continue reading

PAT NEAL’S WILDLIFE: Fishers don’t know their boundaries

IT'S ALWAYS SAD to see a lost-animal poster. Many people, myself included, can become so attached to animals that we become desperate to find them… Continue reading

THE PAT NEAL COLUMN: The treasure of the sierra Olympics

I WAS RESEARCHING the history of the Dungeness River by driving old-timers around their old stomping grounds and listening to them argue over what happened… Continue reading

THE PAT NEAL COLUMN: The last of the true mountain men

AS I MENTIONED last week, the first thing I did when my old friend, Harry, told me he was having a stroke on our way… Continue reading

Outdoors column by Pat Neal — “Sometimes, you just go with the best”

FEBRUARY MUST BE my favorite month. It's when we catch the biggest steelhead of the year. Steelhead don't feed when they enter fresh water, so… Continue reading

THE PAT NEAL COLUMN: The history of history

THEY SAY THE fear of public speaking is one of the greatest anxieties people face. I'll have to admit that speaking in public is one… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: Giving kids the outdoors experience

THERE ARE PEOPLE who say it is OK to camp without a campfire. I ain't one of them. Building a campfire is one of the… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: Fishing with sexy weather reports

SOMEONE ASKED ME recently when it was going to stop raining. If I could predict the weather, do you think I'd waste my time as… Continue reading

In the grays of winter (Pat Neal outdoor column)

JANUARY CAN BE the darkest and most depressing month of the year. January is when your Christmas bills come in — the stress of which… Continue reading

THE PAT NEAL COLUMN: New Year’s resolutions born to fail

BY NOW, I think we've all had it up to here with the know-it-all newspaper columnists telling us what our NYRs -- New Year's resolutions… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: A giant and a kindred spirit in Tim Quinn

“There were giants in the earth . . .” — Genesis 6:1-4 It's been my privilege to know some of the giants, although it was… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: The last day of salmon

My name is Pat. I am a fishaholic. It has been 24 hours since I caught a fish. I remember it like it was just… Continue reading

THE PAT NEAL COLUMN: A fishing law proposal

LATELY IT SEEMS like we have a lot of silly fishing laws that make absolutely no sense. They are part of what fishermen call the… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: The end of hunting season

AND SO ANOTHER hunting season passes astern. I hope your season went better than mine, a washed up shipwreck of failure and blame. Things started… Continue reading

PAT NEAL’S COLUMN: Apple pie at the elk-hunt camp

OF THE MANY things I love about elk hunting, it's the nightly buffet at the elk hunting camp that I enjoy most. By elk hunting,… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: ‘Translocating’ wolves to the Peninsula

WHO SAYS THERE is no good news? Not me. In an exclusive interview with PDN Managing Editor Leah Leach, state Department of Fish and Wildlife… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: Why Forks is ‘Twilight’ town: fishing

THERE'S A DISTURBING trend in modern journalism for writers to use fleeting celebrity references as an excuse for responsible reporting. It was never that way… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: Why they call it sport fi$hing

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news. The latest Department of Fish and Wildlife 2010 sport fishing proposals came out. Translating the fishing laws… Continue reading

THE PAT NEAL COLUMN: Autumn on the North Olympic Peninsula

AUTUMN JUST MIGHT be the best time to experience nature on the North Olympic Peninsula. Before the rains arrive, the low water levels in our… Continue reading

PAT NEAL COLUMN: Winter forecast

AUTUMN MUST BE my favorite time of year. Already there was a dusting of fresh snow on the Olympics that always looks so beautiful above… Continue reading