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BACK WHEN: The life and death of Dr. Minor

AN 1889, THANKSGIVING weekend duck hunting trip on Camano and Whidbey islands…

  • Nov 19th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: The Beecher saga concludes

CAPT. HERBERT AND Hattie Beecher’s older daughter, Mary Eunice, first married when…

  • Oct 15th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: The Beechers continue life in Port Townsend

THE BEECHER FAMILY continued to live in their Walker Street home in…

  • Sep 17th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: Beecher brings art to the frontier

“ONCE UPON A time in Washington, one woman’s brilliance with a brush…

  • Aug 20th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: How the Beechers arrived in Port Townsend

A MARCH 15, 1900, Morning Leader article, filed in the Jefferson County…

  • Jul 16th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: How Capt. Morgan helped shape Port Townsend

MORGAN HILL IN Port Townsend is named for the man who was…

  • Jun 18th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: The lives, deaths of Dosewallips settlers

ACROSS THE DOSEWALLIPS River from one another, just beyond the bridge, were…

  • May 21st, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: Memories of the Dosewallips found in memoirs

IN HER LATER years, Lillie Christiansen wrote a letter to Ida Bailey…

  • Apr 16th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: Brinnon becomes a community

THE COMMUNITY OF Brinnon in Jefferson County was slower to develop than…

  • Mar 19th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: St. John’s Hospital is worth noting

LISTS OF SIGNIFICANT buildings erected during Port Townsend’s 1888-91 building boom often…

  • Feb 19th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: Josephine Yarr transitions into dairy farmer

WHEN 48-YEAR-OLD JOSEPHINE Yarr returned to the family dairy farm in Chimacum…

  • Jan 15th, 2017 1:30am

BACK WHEN: The early years of Josephine Yarr

ON THE EVE of her 100th birthday, when a Port Townsend Leader…

  • Dec 18th, 2016 1:30am

BACK WHEN: William A. Bugge: Local Boy Makes Good

IN 1977, THE Hood Canal Bridge, which had opened in August 1961,…

  • Nov 20th, 2016 1:30am

BACK WHEN: The Pluts move to Port Townsend

Doctor Harry and Dorothy Plut closed their medical clinic in Port Ludlow and moved to Port Townsend in March 1936.

  • Oct 16th, 2016 1:30am

BACK WHEN: Dr. and Mrs. Plut arrive in Port Ludlow

The early experiences of Dr. and Mrs. Plut in Port Ludlow are chronicled.

  • Sep 18th, 2016 1:30am

BACK WHEN: Where in the World is the Craven Peninsula?

The history of the Craven Peninsula is explored in this monthly column

  • Aug 21st, 2016 1:30am