Karen Griffiths

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ PENINSULA HORSEPLAY COLUMN: Backcountry Horsemen celebrate new parking lot, trailhead

IT WAS A typical rainy day in June when I attended the Backcountry Horsemen dedication ceremony for the completed trailhead and parking lot off Dan… Continue reading

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ HORSEPLAY COLUMN: Trials of wild cow milking, muddy trails

PA HARDWOOD'S WILD cow milking team members told me they had a grand time at the Roy Rodeo earlier this month, especially after achieving the… Continue reading

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ HORSEPLAY COLUMN: Old-fashioned tactic can trump gadgets at times

AT TIMES, MY horse Indy can be a bit pigheaded. Last month, he had me stymied on how to get him to trot next to… Continue reading

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ PENINSULA HORSEPLAY: Choose good hoof boot for horses for spring trail rides

LET THE GAMES begin! Springtime is bursting with sunshine and glorious new flowers and a flurry of horse activities. Earlier this month, a dedicated group… Continue reading

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ PENINSULA HORSEPLAY: Leaving homestead stirs memories

AHH, YES, THE days of wine and roses — or extended sunshine and warmer temperatures — are among us and glorious for riding. Normally, I’d… Continue reading

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ PENINSULA HORSEPLAY: Inspiring story of a horse that refused to be taken to slaughter house — and the organization that found him a new loving home

I love sharing this story of success from the horse-rescue organization run by Valerie Jackson and Diane Royall called OPEN — Olympic Peninsula Equine Network… Continue reading

KAREN GRIFFITHS’ PENINSULA HORSEPLAY: New farrier brings expertise to Peninsula

“ANNOUNCEMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS.” Does anyone else recall singing that song at Girl Scout, Boy Scout or YMCA camp? 'Twas a song that ended almost every… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Groups work together to rescue horse

AFTER HEARING ABOUT the hundreds of horses rescued and evacuated during the recent Northern California wildfires by local volunteer horse emergency response organizations, I wondered… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: A fun time had at River Fest

IT WAS A beautiful sunny day Sept. 30 when I swung by the 18th annual Audubon center’s River Festival at Sequim’s Railroad Bridge Park. While… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Thank volunteers for trail work

IT’S NO SECRET we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have majestic mountains, rivers and oceans to look at… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Fresh water is important for animals

IF YOU WERE thirsty and were handed a glass filled with green and murky water, would you drink it? Just as we want and enjoy… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Speed, talent needed to win horse events

IT’S NO SECRET I prefer the speed and action of barrel racing over the slower paced Western performance horse shows, yet I appreciate the skill… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Be cautious of starting fires

WE MIGHT BE roasting in this heat, but thankfully we’re not toasting from a wildfire. Still, as Western Washington broke the record for most consecutive… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: 4-H leader helps youths grow

GROWING UP, I was the kid in the family that my parents pointed to and said, “She’s horse-crazy.” I disagreed then and now because I… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Star Spangled Horse Show coming this month

IT’S THAT TIME of year when top Washington State Horsemen performance competitors, both local and from across the state, gather at the Port Angeles fairgrounds… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Opportunity to support Olympic Peninsula Equine Network is coming

TERMINAL CANCER, ALZHEIMER’S disease, a car accident, sudden unemployment or a death in the family are all unexpected life-changing events that could result in a… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Carrying on the tradition: Children learn to ride

MY HEART SANG with joy when I stopped by the Quarter Moon Ranch game show in Carlsborg last weekend and saw Tanya Hull’s 4-year-old son… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Port Angeles, Sequim high school riders finish season

DON’T YOU JUST love this time of year when the sun goes down after 9 p.m.? We’ve got blue skies above, flowers in bloom and… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Shedding season has arrived

SUNSHINE AND SHEDDING season is here. Can we celebrate budding blossoms and warm, sunny days without the exuviating hair of our furry friends? Not a… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Remember to Stop, Stand, Speak on trails

Y’ALL HAVE HEARD about the Leave No Trace Program, right? Officially adopted by the United States Forest Service in 1990, its main goal is to… Continue reading