Joan Carson

BIRD WATCH: Expecting the unexpected with our local visitors

THE SOUND IN the garden was as pleasant as 10 fingers scratching their nails on a chalkboard. It wasn’t being made by a human. After… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Texas birding makes for lasting memories

I LOVE TEXAS. I’ve considered it special ever since childhood. You can’t grow up crazy about horses and cowboys without giving part of your heart… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Kingfishers carry their dogfights into yard’s territory

THE YARD HAD gone totally quiet. There wasn’t a breath of air. The 2017 eclipse was underway, and then a familiar sound was heard. A… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Heading north to Alaska yields several surprises

North to Alaska THE PASSAGE OF43 years will see momentous changes in most areas. That’s how long it has been since I visited southeast Alaska… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Tough to pick a favorite of the season

THERE ARE ALWAYS birds that seem to go with a particular season in the way some plants and flowers do. When the red currant begins… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Species’ introduction heralds change for non-native country

THE IRRITATION SOME experience when a crowing rooster greets the dawn is being directed at another avian vocalist. Eurasian collared-doves begin “cooing” at first light.… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Water provides the action for bird activity

I HOPE EVERYONE reading this has a birdbath in their yard or in another spot where it can be observed on a regular basis. That’s… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Bumper crop of luscious plums prompts orgy-like antics

BEFORE REFERRING TO something taking place in my garden, I thought it prudent to see Webster’s definition of an “orgy.” One definition for this word… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: ‘Inland Sea’ ideal and easy place to enjoy birding

SOMETHING ABOUT THE lone gull perched on top of the ferry landing’s dolphin was different. It looked smaller than the familiar glaucous-winged that are so… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Water brings many bird sightings

THANKS TO OUR cold, wet spring, the weeds took over various parts of the yard. One of those was the manmade waterfall and its stream… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Sunbathing birds can turn heads

THE PICTURE WASN’T very clear but the description that went with it was. The writer was concerned about a Steller’s jay in her yard. It… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Growing numbers of osprey indicative of better habitat, food availability

NEWLY FLEDGED BIRDS mean more and more action from late spring to midsummer. Later this month, the cries of young osprey will make things interesting… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: A history of the bothersome house sparrow

“OH, THAT’S A pretty little bird! I wonder what it is.” It’s almost impossible to realize I once said that when I saw my first… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Attention, birding hikers: We need your help

IF THERE WERE more serious hikers who were also serious birders, we would have better data on the birds in the Olympic Mountains. I recall… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: How a bird knows who it is

HOW DOES A bird know it is a particular species? The quick and easy answer is “instinct.” There is a bit more to it than… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Seems there’s a surprise around feeder almost every day

A SCUFFLE BETWEEN two birds called my attention to the ground under the feeder. Sibling rivalry. Two juvenile juncos were after sunflower seeds that had… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: When hummingbirds see red, it can create special bird moments

YOU CAN’T HAVE too much red color in your garden. I don’t mean flowers, even though I do love red flowers. I’m talking about objects… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Here’s the scoop on feeder activity

THIS IS THE month when black-headed grosbeaks and Western tanagers add their neotropical color to neighborhoods throughout the Northwest. If you can’t join in the… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Look to the skies for May’s migrants

BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS IN Port Angeles, Western tanagers in Forks, black-headed grosbeaks in Port Orchard and uncommon sightings of chipping sparrows and Lincoln’s sparrows got the… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Surprising sights in the middle of the ‘big city’

CITIES, ESPECIALLY LARGE cities, aren’t my preferred habitat. Ever since I was hatched, the great outdoors is where I have wanted to be. Sometimes, you… Continue reading