Diane Urbani de la Paz

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Theater is sustenance for actor, audience

SWEET, BITTER, SPICY: The fare at the local playhouse varies. It comes to us fresh, thanks to those working in the theatrical kitchen. This column… Continue reading

Cellist returns for concert with Port Angeles Symphony

Young Julian tried out 10 or 12 musical instruments before finding the one. This formidable stringed… Continue reading

Shooting range draws fire: Moratorium brings crowd to debate D’Amico’s Tarboo plans

The sound of automatic weapons fire filled the Superior Court. Stone-faced, Noah Frisch stood before the crowd, turning his body slowly around… Continue reading

LifeRing recovery network comes to Port Angeles

The evening get-together is just starting. People walk into the room, eyeing the strangers who are already there. Each one takes a… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Read, speak, connect: Your tribes are out there

THIS KID JUNIOR is one of the great heroes of literature. Near the close of Sherman Alexie’s novel, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time… Continue reading

‘Meet Me at the Movies’ program debuts Tuesday at Rose Theatre in Port Townsend

When you see a good movie, one that sweeps you off your feet, you bring with you an emotional memory. It’s the… Continue reading

Young women shine in Peninsula-wide music competition

With a little-known piece from a female composer, Lauren Waldron wowed the judges. Waldron, 18, took first prize in the 32nd annual… Continue reading

‘Small town’ vigil in Sequim caps day of gatherings

The big marches in Port Townsend and Seattle were all done by Saturday evening, yet the people of Sequim had plans of their… Continue reading

Young Artist Competition set for Saturday

A new name, 14 competitors and a day of live music. All are part of a public event Saturday. The Nico Snel… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Extravagance of our longing

WE’RE HUNGRY, WE humans, sometimes starving: for splendor, love, experiences that make us feel alive. Some years back, Alice Derry started out writing about the… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: The Advice Lady’s secret

I WAS CURIOUS about this woman, this traveler. So I sent a note asking for an interview, thinking she’d never have time, what with the… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Another kind of year-end list

THE WORDS OF Salvadoran priest Oscar Romero (1917-1980) are a salve to me, a meditation to which I return. “It helps, now and then, to… Continue reading

Symphony serves holiday fare on Saturday

The “Snow Maiden Suite,” “The Adoration of the Magi,” an Overture on Hebrew Themes and a “Fantasia on Christmas Carols” — these… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Taking care of ‘us’: It’s a matter of time

A QUESTION THAT has me thinking lately: When we talk about this community, who is “us”? Who are the ones we believe belong here, sharing… Continue reading

Guest soloist, Sibelius, Shostakovich presented at Port Angeles Symphony concert

Her performances are deeply felt; dazzling. She plays — without histrionics — in the tradition of the great soloists of history. That’s… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Listening, remembering, giving thanks

HUDDLING IN THE rental car, I heard something outside. This was a recent Sunday morning, after my husband, Phil, and I traveled from Port Angeles… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Crossing lines, coming together: Stories make it possible

WHEN YOU’RE THE messenger bearing another person’s story, you perform a sacred act. It begins, of course, with listening. And listening some more, with heart… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Seeing new worlds via college program

I TOOK A seat beside John Lennon. As I marveled at my arrival here at last, he just smiled. The trip to Parque John Lennon… Continue reading

Pops Picnic to open Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra’s 85th season

Come and join the jubilee listen to the band swinging’ through the land everybody stand … when you sing with the zip and zing watch… Continue reading