Diane Urbani de la Paz

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Listening, remembering, giving thanks

HUDDLING IN THE rental car, I heard something outside. This was a recent Sunday morning, after my husband, Phil, and I traveled from Port Angeles… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Crossing lines, coming together: Stories make it possible

WHEN YOU’RE THE messenger bearing another person’s story, you perform a sacred act. It begins, of course, with listening. And listening some more, with heart… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Seeing new worlds via college program

I TOOK A seat beside John Lennon. As I marveled at my arrival here at last, he just smiled. The trip to Parque John Lennon… Continue reading

Pops Picnic to open Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra’s 85th season

Come and join the jubilee listen to the band swinging’ through the land everybody stand … when you sing with the zip and zing watch… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Helping Clallam inmates breathe a little easier

which permits me to go without escort — I pass through six gates and under the guard tower. Concertina wire,… Continue reading

Sequim storytellers to spin tales at Story Swap

The first Story Swap of the new season is a mashup: part campfire tales and songs, part open mic. All of the… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: To open the mind, close the eyes … and point

JANE JULIAN THOUGHT maybe she should apologize. Many of her choices for the Port Townsend Film Festival are downright uplifting. Aren’t film festivals supposed to… Continue reading

From punk to contra, dance caller makes debut in Port Angeles

A punk community in London made a dance caller out of her. Abigail Hobart, making her debut at the Black Diamond Community… Continue reading

Paint the Peninsula festival to open Monday

Just standing in the summer sunlight is a gift. There’s more: the fragrance of fir trees, the song of the birds, the… Continue reading

Paint the Peninsula workshops open for registration

Yong Hong Zhong, a Chinese-born artist who immigrated to the United States at age 12, went on to draw for MTV Animation… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: New parents at ages 63 and 77

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to correct the vows Jean Stratton took in Zen Buddhism. JEAN STRATTON SMILES the sun-bright smile of a… Continue reading

Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ to romp through Webster’s Woods

In a comedy spiced with piquant lines, here’s one the actor Josh Sutcliffe relishes especially. “Man is a giddy thing,” he gets… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: More in common than different with these couples

AS I SET out to interview interracial spouses, I expected disheartening stories about family rifts and struggle for acceptance. And frankly, I dreaded asking uncomfortable… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Best of humanity in action in two local books

and the wave lifts and sweeps you forward. Time? Space? Limits? Gone. Summer’s… Continue reading

‘Murder Ballad’ tale of the bartender, the poet and the woman torn

Here’s a woman who wants both the hot sun and the wide blue sky. Sara, she of the leather jacket and soft… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: A breath of respite with Raymond Carver

THIS PAST MONTH has been rough on the heart. Reading my newspaper and, OK, my Facebook feed, I feel pain around my chest. But hold… Continue reading

WEEKEND REWIND: Former Upstage owner now booking music at Studio Bob in Port Angeles, a venue where changes are adding up

PORT ANGELES — Pretty soon, downtown will have the blues. But no, this is not another story about vacant storefronts and wintertime. It is about… Continue reading

WEEKEND: Comedy, drama and ‘Third Wheel’ in Sequim High’s ‘What Is Love?’

NOTE: “Today” and “tonight” refer to Friday, Jan. 29. SEQUIM — Once I was a selfish fool Who never understood Never looked inside myself But… Continue reading

WEEKEND: Festival concert at Fort Worden to come into tune this Sunday

PORT TOWNSEND — Beethoven, Dvorak and Shostakovich are coming to Fort Worden State Park this Sunday afternoon, all in the hands of the acclaimed Amelia… Continue reading