Carrie Sanford

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Kale offers tasty green way to New Year

IT SHOULDN’T COME as a huge surprise to anyone who knows me or has read many of my columns, that I don’t prescribe to the… Continue reading


PENINSULA KITCHEN: Remember to enjoy the little moments

THE TELEVISION AND internet ads are claiming this to be a beautiful time of the year. Some might even declare it “The most wonderful time… Continue reading


PENINSULA KITCHEN: Take comfort in homemade stew

SEPTEMBER WAS A whirlwind month for my sweet family. We all felt a little stunned and disconnected from so much activity and new routines. In… Continue reading


PENINSULA KITCHEN: Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup provide fall comfort food

THE ULTIMATE KIDDO compliment: “Mama, your homemade tomato soup tastes just like the stuff from a can.” That was uttered more than six years ago… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Chart helps with packing lunches

SCHOOL STARTED AROUND the Peninsula about a week ago. Your shoddy summer eating habits have been tucked away and you’ve turned over a new leaf.… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Finger foods to beat the heat

GROWING UP AS an only child with a single mother, we often had what we called “Snackens” for dinner. What seemed to be a special… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Thinking ahead makes for healthful trip

MY FAMILY ARRIVED home just a few days ago from a 3,000-mile, 18-day road trip. The Sanford three loaded up the family Prius, with borrowed… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Enjoy homemade pizza with friends

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, my family and I attended a dinner celebration at the home of a mentor of mine. I was one of the youngest… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Spring is the season for fresh asparagus sandwiches

EARLY SPRING 1994, my college roommate and I headed off on a grand camping road trip adventure. We followed the Columbia River out to the… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Sheet-pan dinners provide seasoning options

FEEDING A FAMILY with different tolerance levels for spice and flavor is definitely a common challenge. The struggle is real. As our daughter gets older,… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: How to make homemade street tacos

MY DAUGHTER, ABBY, turns 12 Monday. Twelve. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that piece of news. I remember 12 viscerally. Like… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Warm up with a tuna noodle casserole

I’VE RECENTLY ADDED a once-weekly teaching gig that has me surrounded by toddlers for the first time in many years. As one expects when working… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Chicken stew with biscuits helps warm cold nights

WE’RE MARCHING STEADILY toward the longest night of the year, bracing ourselves against freezing temperatures. Last week, a friend watched surfers catching waves west of… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: ‘Tis the season for pie recipes

IT’S NEARING THANKSGIVING, and, as has been the case every other year during my marriage, it’s my turn to host the family meal in our… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Crisp, fall evenings inspire recipe re-do

A request from her daughter, combined with the cool autumn evenings, sends Sanford in search of tortellini recipe.

PENINSULA KITCHEN: A warming fall soup from friends

With the weather turning quickly to fall, enjoy a warming soup.

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Taste-testing muffins prompts recipe

I HAD THE very distinct honor two weeks ago of helping taste muffins made by the summer culinary arts students at the North Olympic Peninsula… Continue reading